Muhd Noorhalim

I am Halim, a web developer with over a decade of experience. My expertise is in WordPress development, and website API integration, including chatGPT integration.

  • Prompt Engineering
  • API Integration
  • PHP Developer
  • Wordpress Developer
  • OpenAI App Developer
  • GPT Store App Developer

Hello, I am Halim

I have more than decade of experience in
website and web application development.

Websites/Applications (my own creations)

These are my own personal creations created out of interests and personal developments.
None of these are outsourced or co-developed. They are fully created by me.



WordPress Developer

I have over 10 years of experience in WordPress Web Development and have worked in Web Agency


PHP Programming

I have background in PHP programming which helps me to easily customise WordPress website without plugins



I have good experience in the important foundation in frontend web programming


API Integrations

I can integrate systems together with API integrations that can work with WordPress and other 3rd-party system


Yes, I have experience in eCommerce website that utilized Stripe payment and Paypal as the payment methods. You will need to register one of these online payment method before proceeding.

Yes, I have used several membership plugins such as memberpress, woocommerce membership and even created my own customized membership plugins for smaller projects.

Yes, I can. However, website maintenance and content change is an on-going and usually a daily task, depending on how much traffic your website is generating. It is recommended that you have a team to manage content changes and monitor the website while I support the website system maintenance.

No, my expertise revolves around pure PHP or WordPress. While I am able to code website in PHP from scratch, it does not make financial sense to do it because WordPress is better for websites. Despite saying that, Django would be a better option if you are looking to integrate python programming or AI models into your system. I am currently picking up Django.

I am originally a php developer and I have 1 year of managing vendors and 5 years in website agency as website developer and digital marketing support. I am listed as one of the PHP trainer in Tertiary Course.

I do not provide training unless requested. Each website is different and will require different training. However, I am able to provide simple generic training in WordPress.

It is recommended that you purchase a good webhosting yourself. I have experience many different hostings and I can recommend them for you depends on your needs.