Demystifying WordPress Templates: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

WordPress is a very popular platform for hosting websites. It allows you to put your content right inside your website, and then people can visit it without any plugin!

WordPress templates are variations of your website that can be customized to look exactly like another website. This makes it a quick and easy way to create a site!

Many designers offer their sites as WordPress templates, so you can create a new site quickly. Once it is built, you can email it to people who appreciate what you have created!

This can be very useful for starting out, since everyone gets one free site set up on the demo! Once they are happy with it, they can add funds if needed.

Open the zip file and extract the files

how do wordpress templates work

Once you’ve opened the zip file, you’ll see a series of files in structured folders. The main folder is called wordpress, so take a moment to rename all the other files to that so you can easily locate them.

The other two folders are called themes, which is where your new design will go. The first one, css/js/, will hold your custom CSS and JavaScript files. The second one, post/, will hold your new post data.

Neither of these folders can be moved or deleted, they’re simply placed in an archive file format.

Upload the files to your WordPress site

how do wordpress templates work

Once your site is up and running, you can start using them! Log into your site and navigate to the custom post types section. Once there, click on the link to upload the file.

Then, go ahead and upload the file that corresponds with your post type. You can do this multiple times, so make sure to update the files as new posts are added!

Now that your posts are using the wordpress template, they look great! Anything special you want to put in them? You can- just remember to update the links in your posts so people can use them.

WordPress templates work by having a database of all of their features, which is what you get when you download or create a new one.

Find the file called ‘theme-name.php’ and open it in a text editor

how do wordpress templates work

Once you have opened the file, look for a line that says ‘ul’ or ‘list’ and replace it with ‘article’ or ‘thema’.

This is what changes your template file to work with an article/thema-based website.

Now, you can use your new template to create a new website!

Using WordPress, you can then create a new site and transfer your data from your old site to this new one.

Change the theme name to your own theme name

how do wordpress templates work

Changing the theme name is a simple way to update your website. There is no cost involved when you do it via the dashboard!

Changing the theme name is a great way to show your visitors how unique your website is. From their perspective, it looks like you spent a lot of time creating it and that you love it.

Changing the theme name also gives you another way to highlight your content. Your visitors can see how many times your posts have been up, what they were about, and if they were popular. By appealing-looking content that gets attention, your site owners might notice and promote your content!

Using the same domain for your new website is an option to change the theme name on. Just make sure to set up a new email account so those who signed up on your old site can use this new website.

Change the page layout you want

how do wordpress templates work

When you open the template, there are three options: left-side menu, left-side navigation, and no layout option. You can switch between them in the editor by clicking on the left-side menu or no layout option.

The no layout option will create a left-side menu and a left-side navigation on your page, but will not allow you to add a right-side navigation or change the page layout. This is useful if you want to easily add a secondary navbar or a grid of products to fit your site’s look.

The left-side nav and right-side menu work just like in any other wordpress theme, allowing you to put whatever text you want on them. The only difference is that when someone clicks on one of these elements, they will go to that element’s page!

WordPress templates are very flexible, which is why there are so many different ones.

Reupload all files and test them out

how do wordpress templates work

If you want to test out your new template on another site, you can do this. Just give it a go and see if you like it or not!

Once you have your new template, just upload it and test it out! It is as simple as that.

If you have any issues with your template, problems with installing or use, then just email the webmaster at and she will help troubleshoot.

WordPress templates are very useful to have as they give you a place to start when starting a new blog, plus, they are very customizable. You get all of the features that someone wants and needs without spending a large amount of money.

Edit all HTML and CSS as you like

There are no restrictions on the content you can include in your template. You can have a complete HTML and CSS codebase, or a very limited one that only includes the elements you need to.

This is great for people who are new to web development or just want to experiment. You can build your skills along with your portfolio!

Many developers use their templates as a test bed for new features. By including simple examples of what each element does, it allows other developers to integrate it into their projects easily.

In addition to being free, this feature-richness makes wordpress templates easy to understand and use. This is key for any kind of professional design work!

ized layout and look of your site.


how do wordpress templates work

Now that you have your new, dynamic WordPress website, it is time to start using it! There are many ways to use your new website, so don’t be afraid to try some of the suggestions above.

Some of the first things you should do are add your logo and theme. This will help set your website apart from others and give you more room to expand.

Then, add some content. You can put one post, a category, a page, an RSS feed—the possibilities are endless. Add images, videos, and other media to make your site more appealing.

Add functionality so people can sign up, post content, access help pages, and so on. Then, add some color schemes and decorations so people can easily find what they are looking for.

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