Grow Your WordPress Blog like a Pro: Effective Strategies for Increasing Traffic

Growing your blog can be a beautiful experience. There are so many strategies and methods for growing your blog, so we will not go into much detail about this here. Instead, let’s talk about some of the easiest ways to grow your blog.

Gaining new followers and subscribers is the number one way to grow your blog. You can do this by asking your readers questions and responding to their inquiries in an active manner. You can also use diversifying content on your blog, like posting fun things or content that touches you emotionally, like a wedding post or wedding event post.

Subscribing is another way to gain new followers and subscribers to your blog. By doing this, you are gaining access to more of their information so you can continue spreading the word about yourself and what you create.

Create a theme

Before you can create your theme, you must create a base to build your theme around. What genre of content do you want to feature on your blog?

Greet visitors to your site with a sign saying, “Hello! This is my blog.” Then, pick some colors and themes that match up with your site style.

Once you have created a theme, then it is just picking content to put in it. You can have featured content, random content, or even a mix of both!

Having different sections of your blog can also add more depth to your user experience. By having these, make sure you are not overloading yourself with material or the resources that you need to function as a website!

Finally, make sure you are hosting your blog correctly for wordpress.

Write great content

how to grow wordpress blog

Your content should be full of great information that your audience will want to read. You do not want to create great content and then have difficulty producing content to go with it because you did not put enough effort into it.

People are more likely to click on your links and take the next step if they see information of value to them. They will stay on your site longer if they feel that what they are reading is valuable, relevant, and informative.

Mix it up!

When I say “write like you speak”, this includes how you structure your content. You know how to write, but when you do an article, then a course, then a theme park review, then a children’s review? That’s how we wrote before we learned proper writing techniques.

We knew how to write in the past, but now we know how to write like people who talk rather than type.

Encourage comments

how to grow wordpress blog

Having comments and posting content to your blog can be tricky at first. You will be tempted to keep silent because you are afraid of being ignored, but that is not the best way to promote your blog.

By encouraging comments and sharing your content with the world, you will encourage other people to come back and visit your site. You will also be giving yourself feedback on how well you are promoting your blog which can lead to future improvements.

How much encouragement you need depends on how busy your blog is currently, what kind of audience you want to attract, and whether or not you want feedback from others on what it is said.

Promote your content

how to grow wordpress blog

Once your blog is running, you need to promote it! You can do this by linking your blog to your website or by using an easy to use platform such as Blogger or WordPress Shortcuts.

These links should be active and visible on all search engines, social media platforms, and forums that you link your blog to. By promoting your blog, you are increasing the amount of visitors and comments that come to your content.

By doing this regularly, you will find that your wordpress blog starts to grow and flourish!

WordPress blogs run on a system called WordPress. This is the platform that you use to create your blogs. There are many free platforms available that can be installed onto your own. Just make sure it is compatible with yours before investing in a more sophisticated one.

Find your audience

how to grow wordpress blog

Now that you have your domain name, it is time to find your audience. Your blog can only reach its audience if it grabs the attention of the right people.

Using a tool like Bessemer oringo can help you do this. Using a website platform like oDesk or Fiverr can help you find out about your community and create a following.

Once you do, grow your audience by doing outreach events and sharing literature in the community that relates to your site or your business. By participating in these events and spreading awareness in the community, you will garner positive feedback which will grow your audience.

By being patient with your growth, eventually you will have a large enough audience to start building reputation on-yourself.

Consistency is key

how to grow wordpress blog

People who run wordpress blogs should make sure to create a regular schedule for them. This includes making sure to publish every day, every week, every month, and every year.

WordPress is a publishing system so it should be used for content. You will need to create new posts, articles, and posts to keep your blog up to date. You can do this by posting twice a week with your latest post on Tuesday and Thursday and then posting on Monday and Wednesday to keep your consistency.

Continued posting is the key to growing your blog. People who take breaks on the weekend or during the week are missing out on content that they could read and enjoy. Publishing two times a week is best because of this but if that can not be done then try doing it twice a day!

Having content daily helps keep people aware of what you have posted as well as giving you time to think of something new to share.

Respond to comments

how to grow wordpress blog

This is the most common mistake made by new bloggers. She does not want to hear what she should be doing wrong!

She is too busy posting her own stuff to respond to those who are helping her out. After all, she spent time creating her post and putting up effort to send out helpful tips.

Therefore, she is left twisting in the wind while people sift through her posts looking for answers to their questions. This can be very difficult and irritating to deal with at times.

She may be new to blogging and wordpress, so ask yourself whether or not he or she has advanced past the basic skills needed for blogging. If not, then give them away!

Another thing that might make him or her shy is asking for feedback is not enough.

Add video to your blog

how to grow wordpress blog

Now you can start showing your audience what you have to offer! Creating a video is an easy way to grow your blog. Try not to be too cheesy or boring, but also try to give some insight into your blog and what you have to offer!

Grow your wordpress website slowly. Start out with a few short videos covering the most relevant parts of your blog. As you create more content and update your site, add more videos!

Stay abreast of technology by filming yourself editing the video, then editing together someone speaking over you, and finally adding sound effects and music.

Watch some tutorials on youtube to learn how to make a video.

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