How To Learn Php Web Development

PHP is a widespread-yet-derelict programming language. It was once popular, and for a time, it was the dominant language for web development.

Today, C++ and JavaScript are more commonly used instead. This is normal — HTML and CSS are still very common tools for developers, giving rise to new languages like PHP and JavaScript.

However, if you have ever wanted to learn PHP or wanted to take a look at the world of web development but did not want to learn another language, this can be an effective way to start.

This article will talk about how to learn PHP web development.

Install a PHP parser

how to learn php web development

Without a parser, your PHP code will either fail or run as if it were HTML. A parser converts your PHP code into a syntax tree. This syntax tree allows you to easily write new PHP programs and websites.

Many popular parsers are included in the PHP Package Project. You can find them at You can also download individual parsers from the project site, but using the latest is a better bet as then you would have the latest support for your project.

TheParser is an excellent tool that can be used on its own or combined with other tools such as PhpStorm or C++ Builder.

Learn the basic syntax

how to learn php web development

The basic syntax of PHP is:
“List all the links in your website using the tag.”

So, that’s it? Well, not exactly. That’s only the beginning!

There are a plethora of other syntaxs for creating web pages and applications. Some of these include: if-then-else statements, looping statements, and custom tags. While learning PHP, you will need to learn these as well as basic PHP.

Basic syntax is used when creating web pages or applications. When you know basic syntax, you can save yourself from making some poor decisions when developing on your own.

Start writing simple scripts

Start by writing a few lines of code. You can do this by writing a new script and then rewriting the code from the beginning or starting fresh.
lesbian dating websites If you are still learning to program, it is best to start with something easy to start with.
Topic wise, you can get very advanced as you practice more, so take your time to learn some fundamentals and then expand!

Write your scripts in an editor first. The text editor on your computer is what you use to write your scripts. Then, use a programming language studio program such as phpMyAdmin or CodeFinder to import your script.

Once imported, you can start coding! Start with setting up data or actions and then expand from there. More advanced features can be added later, just stay focused on the ground floor pieces first.

Read tutorials and books

how to learn php web development

As mentioned earlier, there are a few books that cover PHP and web development in great detail. These include The PHP Handbook, Laravel, and Reactive Programming with iOS and Android Apps.

Most of these books are quick reads, but they make lasting impact on your skill set. They take you step by step as well as lead you through examples to show you how to apply the theory to your projects.

You do not need to read them in order of reading. Some people read them first, some later. It is up to you which one works for you!

It is important to learn new languages by reading about new languages. You can find many introductory books for new languages like English and French language schools offer, however, it is best to practice your skills before reading them in order to develop proper muscle memory and vocabulary comprehension.

Practice, practice, practice!

how to learn php web development

Your first few PHP web projects will be hard. You will be trying to learn a new language, framework, and tool. You will be unsure of what options you have and how to use them.

It is important to get into the habit of practicing your new framework, language, or tool. Get into the habit of using it on a real project to work your skills!

There are many ways to practice your new language. You can go into a new country with a friend who doesn’t speak your first language, try talking to yourself in English, or try speaking in Spanish!

You can also get help from the community. There are plenty of resources for you to turn to if you need it. Someone else can just jump in and learn your language for you!

The more professional-looking projects you can make as your skill level increases, the better suited you will be for hiring at companies.

Set up a website using PHP

how to learn php web development

Using PHP is a great way to learn about the world of web development. It is very easy to pick up by just looking at other websites and watching videos!

In contrast to many languages, PHP does not have a well-known tutorial or book that teaches you how to use it. Instead, you must learn how to use it through various sources, most of which are video tutorials.

This can be tricky at first, as the beginner will often get knocked off their game by some of the more advanced features. However, once they gain some confidence in themselves, they can try adding some new features!

The best way to learn about php is through video tutorials and books.

Learn HTML and CSS

how to learn php web development

While PHP is great at handling html and css, you will need to know some basic php libraries to make the most of it. For example, the PHPLib library allows you to manipulate data in your code, and the PhpFormat tool can help you format your code properly.

Just like with any new programming language, you must learn the basics before you can move on to more advanced concepts. These are also available for download through your web host or server provider.

These include adding classes and tags, using javascript libraries, and using database queries and updates. Many new developers don’t start out with these fundamentals because they are so complicated.

Find a community to learn from

how to learn php web development

You can’t go to a PHP class and suddenly be able to develop websites and applications. You need to learn how to do it on your own, but if you have to, you should find a community of developers to whom you can turn.

You can do this by going to a local coding school, taking a post-training course at a supplement store, or even by forming your own network of developers. All of these have their pros and cons, but the most important thing is that you meet other people who want to develop websites and applications and that you can communicate with them.

Do not expect success right away – build your self-confidence first! Take part in classes that are organized for beginners so that you do not make any mistakes before you get started.

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