Follow this Step-by-Step Guide: Translate Your WordPress Website with Ease

WordPress is a very popular web platform. People are starting to realize that having a web platform that you can set up quickly is a great way to get started in internet marketing.

WordPress is a content management system. It allows you to easily create websites and web applications by giving you a custom domain, custom style, and code structure. This makes it easy to start promoting your business!

The best part about WordPress is that it can be converted into an e-commerce website. This means that if you buy something in your website, then someone else can purchase it from your site!

This article will talk about how to translate your wordpress blog into an e-commerce website.

Provide translation for entire website

how to translate wordpress website

If your website has a lot of content, you can do two things. First, you can provide a separate translation account on your wordpress site. Then, you can request the other accounts on your website to provide translations for their content.

Second, you can directly request other translators to provide translations for your website. This is the best solution if your websites has a specific feel or style that others do not see in their translations.

The second solution is more complex but possible. You can ask other translators to provide translations for your site because it is poor quality or hard to translate material. You have the right to ask for high quality translations from good translators!

Third, offer compensation for translation services.

Send translation to developer

how to translate wordpress website

If your translation does not match the wordmark’s purpose, then your website may look odd or like a different language. This could happen if you used a foreign phrase instead of its translation, or you used a newly invented term instead of its definition.

WordPress is very open-minded and diverse. It uses many languages, cultures, and terminology. Therefore, your website may use new words and phrases without changing the overall wordmark. Thus, the developer will need to know these new terms and words.

WordPress is very popular, so this may be hard to hide. Even with a limited audience, there is no reason to change the look or feel of your website as it is unless asked!

Developer can see how someone translates their site to determine whether it needs changes or not.

Receive updated website

how to translate wordpress website

When your new website is ready, you can publish it! Create a new account on Google or Facebook and start receiving visitors.

If you are using WordPress, then you can also receive updates via blogs/pages. Just look for the wordpress site and continue to do so for more updates!

By now your visitors should be able to find your new website using its domain name. If not, create a new one and try registering it.

Once registered, give yourself some time to update your look and feel. Then, go ahead and send out an email blast letting people know of your new website. Use the same link as before to receive updates!

Give yourself plenty of time to update your website as well as receive notifications of newly registered domains so that people can join your community.

Check for errors

how to translate wordpress website

If your website has a main menu or home page, make sure it is displayed correctly. A wrong menu or home page can cause a lot of frustration and/or problems while using your website.

A wrong menu or home page can put people in a bad mood and make them feel like they are missing something, which can be frustrating! There have been cases where people have contacted us about this because they did not feel like they knew what to do when visiting our website.

There have also been cases where people had trouble finding what they were looking for on our site, which is frustrating. People may also forget to use the correct link when trying to find what they are looking for on our site. This can be annoying and prevent them from doing their job properly!

One way to check if your website has any errors or problems is by taking a look at its front page.

Request corrections

how to translate wordpress website

If you find an error or missing information on your website, you can request the website owner or editor to fix it. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: Write a letter

This is the recommended method if you are unfamiliar with the language of your site’s users. You can write a very detailed letter, describing what they should know, how they should feel about your input, and how they can improve their message.

The good news is that editors and designers usually read letters but do not always take action. This is because many times people send letters but never follow through with their requests.

WordPress does not offer a direct response system, but you can use another website or email to request this! In this case, you would use the contact form on your site.

Receive second copy of translated website

how to translate wordpress website

If your first copy of translated website gets lost or damaged, you can receive a second copy by sending an email to with your name and phone number. Your second copy will be shipped within 24 hours after your first one is received.

This service is free of course!

In order to use this service, you must send an email to with your name and phone number. You will be asked for your bank account or credit card account address so that Translation Solutions can send the payment to Translation Solutions via email.

This is how Translation Solutions will know who sent an email so that they can confirm the translation and pay you. If you are concerned about anonymity, please provide a secondary source of identity such as a business name or identifier. This way, only you receive the payment from Translatin Solutions.

Compare both websites

how to translate wordpress website

If you are running a WordPress website on your own, you can easily create a website just like the one in the bullet point above. However, if you are hosting your website on a platform such as or sites like Google Sites, then you will need to change things a little.

Both of these platforms have their own tools and features that you can use to create your website. If you use the same domain for both, then it is easy!

If you use another domain, or mix and match domains, then you will have to convert your site to be compatible with both platforms. This takes time and effort, so do not rush it.

Make final corrections

how to translate wordpress website

Once you’re done, click the save button to ensure your changes are saved. You can now go back to your computer and launch WordPress to display your new website!

If you made any changes in the process, make sure to update them in the next update. Otherwise, your new website will be automatically updated to the latest version!

Now that you have a beautiful custom-made wordpress website, congratulations! You now have a new, high-quality online store!

Making big changes like this takes time, so do not break off suddenly.

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