Is Php Good For Beginners

PHP is a common language that sits at the core of many websites. It is the code that runs the website’s server, it is on every website, it is in every webpage, and it is included as an option on most devices.

While not very good at first, learning how to use PHP can be a source of pride for your skills. There are plenty of tutorials and guides for newbies to take advantage of.

This article will go into some detail about what the basic features of PHP are.

No, Python is better for beginners

is php good for beginners

First off, let me say that if you are very familiar with JavaScript or C# and would like to learn PHP, then by all means, you should learn Python. It is a great learning platform for developers of all levels.

But for someone just learning the basics of programming in general, it might be better to learn Python. This is not say that Python isn’t a great platform for advanced programmers, but for someone just getting started, Python may be the better choice.

Why? Because PHP has more advanced features that only advanced programmers need. For example, the file formatters in PHP are better than those in C++ or Java.

Now, file formatters are something totally different than software developers who need one too many ways to save or open a file.

Good syntax

is php good for beginners

As the saying goes, you get more out of your code if you know what symbols and brackets mean. That is true even for new coders. Having syntax that is easy to understand will keep your code snappy and simple.

If you are looking to learning PHP for the first time and need to start with a basic level, this article will help you do so! Starting with basic commands will make it easier to understand what you are doing as well as it gives you more experience later on.

Basic commands like strings, arrays, and tables can be used in most occasions.

Lots of documentation

is php good for beginners

PHP is a very popular language for developing web applications in. This makes sense, because it’s easy to learn and offer straight out of the gate!

There are lots of tutorials, books, and youtube videos that teach people how to use PHP. This makes it easy to start new developers off right!

Knowledgeable developers will always share tips and tricks for new programmers, so getting tips and tricks from the ground up is a great way to learn PHP.

That’s not to say that experienced developers don’t share tips and tricks, because they most certainly do every now and then! The challenge for the beginning developer is making that knowledge available to you automatically.

Take for example the built-in function echo . Once you know how to use it, you can simply type echo something; the output will be something else! You have made that information available to me at any time, which is what makes this article important.

Well-established community

is php good for beginners

PHP is very popular as a first language to develop websites in. This is thanks to its straightforward nature and the ability to download extensions that make your code more complex.

This is because if you do not have enough knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you cannot use most of the more complex features of a website. This makes it a great starting language to learn more about coding.

Many beginners choose PHP due to its ease-of-use and community support. There are many free versions of PHP available, making it an easy entry point into coding.

It also has notable communities that support one another, making joining new groups easy.

Consistent behavior

is php good for beginners

The first thing you’ll learn in PHP is how to read a variable. Variables can be named or unnamed, they have a value or nil assigned to them, and they can be deleted and re-assigned.

The variable name must be used when assigning a value to the variable. For example, in my code snipped, $age would be assigned the correct value of 25 when I change it to 26.

Nil values cannot be assigned to variables, but they do have an effect on function behavior. For example, $age cannot be assigned a value of 0 because that would affect whether someone pays for the membership club I am running.

When reading variables, it is important to read consistently with what the variable name means. That is, if $age means age in this code snip, then $age_age should have an equal amount of text after it.

Suited for the web

is php good for beginners

PHP is a great language for building websites in. It is simple, allowing users to start quickly. Also, there are many free php tutorials available, making it an easy fit for new programmers.

Unlike some languages that are best suited to building large applications, PHP is a fast-paced language that can be useful for creating simple apps as well as more advanced ones with complex flows.

Essential Features

php has a few essential features that allow it to work as a language for building websites. These features include: strings, arrays, and functions. Without them, your website would not work!

Strings are the most commonly used feature on a website. It can be very easy to use without knowing how to use arrays and functions.

Easy to learn

is php good for beginners

PHP is a easy to learn code. All you need to do is type php and then a server-side programming language like PHP! This makes it very accessible for beginners.

Many new programmers start by learning PHP because of its simplicity. It is self-explanatory and easy to pick up. Most people can figure it out in a day!

Another thing that makes this code easy to learn is the structure. Most codes have a main purpose, and then functions for specific tasks. For example, creating an index page, adding an order page, and managing payment pages are all tasks that require a page for those purposes.

This makes it easy for someone to pick up, as they only have to remember the main purposes of codes they need to use.

Has an excellent online community

is php good for beginners

As the most popular PHP language, there are many beginner-level PHP courses and tutorials. These are very easy to pick up, and will ensure you do not go down the wrong PHP path!

Most of these courses are hosted on YouTube, where they have more control over what level of expertise their students have. You can also find plenty of beginners-levelPHP classes on sites like Codeacademy, Khan Academy, and RStudio.

This is important – if you know some JavaScript or HTML but not much PHP, you can still learn this language because it’s very similar. There are many PHP applications that interface with JavaScript and HTML so it is not a drastic difference in functionality.

There are also a few advanced-level classes that focus on getting students ready for jobs or entering the tech field. This level of learning lets them understand what parts of the language they need to use but also how to use it properly.

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