Learn WordPress: From Basics to Advanced with Our Complete Guide for All Users

WordPress is a great platform to host your website on. It allows you to create a custom look and feel, as well as serve as your main website. Most people start by setting up their site in the basic mode. This is where you choose your location, linked account, and default features. Once you make changes to these, you must confirm them in order for changes to take effect.

This is where the fun begins! You can now add images, add RSS feeds, add functionality to your site, and more. All of these are easy to do and will update your site automatically. Plus, most have free accounts that you can start with.

Create a username

learning how to use wordpress

Now, you will need to create a username for your blog. This is going to be important later on, so make sure you have one.

For now, enter a name for your blog and create your user account! You will use this username and password to access your site.

Creating the username is simple enough– just pick a word that describes your blog’s purpose. For my blog, it was cravingsandcoffeeparlour.com – the name of the site makes sense!

This is going to be essential as it will give you an easy way to find your page on the site. When looking at your settings, look for the username field and then click it to add it.

Now that you have a username, make sure you set up an email address that you can use to communicate with your account.

Create a password

learning how to use wordpress

1- Creating a password is the most important step in learning how to use wordpress. At this stage, you will need to enter your password into the site every time you want to login.

2- After doing this for each site you would like to access, your account will be protected from unauthorized access. This prevents someone from accessing your content if they do not have your password!

3- If you have any other passwords or codes stored for sites, it should be eliminated from this account as well. It makes it more difficult for someone to access your content if they do not have your password.

Install wordpress

learning how to use wordpress

Now that your computer has the ability to run wordpress, you can start creating! Begin by clicking themyaccount button in your browser, then entering your e-mail address and password that you created in step one.

Now that your computer has wordpress, it is time to learn how to use it! There are many resources to help you do so. Join the internet-of-things (IoT) community and find other people who are using wordpress to collaborate.

Some of the first things you should do are create a profile page and a menu page. On each page, include some clues about who you are, what site you’re joining, and an easy link to get to what content you want.

Then, create some content! You can use subheadings or paragraphs for your text, it does not matter because both take up space! You want to make sure there is enough room for growth on both sites.

Download a theme

learning how to use wordpress

Having a theme is key to creating a beautiful, custom website! There are millions of themes out there, so you may need to do some searching. Most are in the style and design area, so no need to worry about turning back.

Many times, the theme developers offer updates for their themes as plugins which add new features or extend your customization options. Once you download and install the plugin, you can now change everything!

Most people download their plugin on their personal account, but if you want to use it on another user’s account you can. They can just log in and download their own content! This keeps it private as well as you do not have access to the content on your own account.

Purchase a plugin

learning how to use wordpress

If you do not have a plug-in platform, you can still create a basic website. Just buy or download the following plugin: +Adda Daft+) and add it to your website. Adda Daft+) is a powerful wordpress plugin that gives you the ability to create multiple websites and easily switch between them.

This is very helpful if you want to promote your business, for example, because there are also web design sites that offer membership programs where you can have your website take up most of the membership site space, but it still provides quality content.

By adding the +adda-daft+ to your wordpress admin page, you will be able to add this plugin to your website.

Learn basic html/css

A well-designed website can take you from being able to look at a page and understand what it is about to display to having a full-on web site experience in just a few tips and tutorials.

Many times, plugins are included that add new features to your website, making it more detailed. Some of these include:

ADW or ADW-compliant Widgets . These are designed specifically for using in conjunction with other content on your site. For example, your website may have an article linked to a membership site as its content. By using this plugin, you can easily add your membership site’s content into your widget!

. These are designed specifically for using in conjunction with other content on your site. For example, your website may have an article linked to a membership site as its content. By using this plugin, you can easily add your membership site’s content into your widget! custom CSS . Instead of putting all of the styling for a section of your website in one place, such as the color scheme for all of your pages, unique styles can be put in each individual page’s CSS.

Learn how to edit posts/pages

learning how to use wordpress

Once you have your post/page set up, you can start posting! Now, let’s talk about how to post!

Posting Tips

Most importantly, be sure to spell your content correctly. Incorrect word spellings will not only prevent your readers from clicking on your content, but also make it difficult to organize and format your content.

Be patient as you post. It takes a little time for the system to process your text and create an appropriate link to send to your recipient.

How to Send a Post Through WordPress

The easiest way to send a post through WordPress is by using the email app on your phone or computer.

Set up plugins

learning how to use wordpress

Once you have your site set up, it is time to add plugins. There are many free and paid for plugin systems that offer you access to new features on your site. Many of these require you to become a paid user, however.

Most of the time, the features are useful and worth it so you do not spend all your time troubleshooting how to use them. Some add more fun touches or functionality to your site, so keep that in mind when looking through sites for plugins.

battlegroundofwordpress.com/news/23-new-features-you-can-add/ | backup wordpress_site_name=”backup”| |text_width=”30%”| Now that you have added the features needed for your site, it is time to add them into your wordpress!.

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