Edit Text on WordPress: A User-Friendly Guide on How to Make Changes

Changing the color of text in a blog post or page can make a world of difference. There are several ways to add new text to your page, change the font style and size of text, and add bullet points.

Bullet point: Fonts

Using one of the three basic font styles for text (old-fashioned, informal, or formal) can make a big difference in how your content looks. Old-fashioned fonts like old-style Times New Roman look more formal than informal ones like Comic Sans.

informal fonts like comic-sans look more casual than formal. The classic old-fashioned font looks much more serious than any other casual font. This is the only font style that looks serious when used seriously!

When choosing which font style you want for your content, pay attention to how it displays and how it affects your audience.

Click on Editor

wordpress how to edit text

Now you can click on the text button at the top of the page, or you can press F1 to start a new text.

Both methods will bring up a new screen where you can change the color, size, and format of your text. You can also add subheadings or bullets to your content here!

Subheads are special kinds of headings that function as an aside for your content. For example, maybe the first part of your content talks about something important, and the second part talks about a less important topic.

Subheads are very common in journalism articles, as they help focus readers attention on the important parts of an article. When editing text in wordpress, make sure to pay attention to how much white space is left in your article!

Too much white space will make it look empty, which may cause readers to skip what you want them to read.

Select the text you want to edit

wordpress how to edit text

Once you’re ready to change something in the text of your page, first make sure that the element you want to edit is selected.

If the text is already selected, then start changing things about it. You can add or remove spaces, change alignment and length, and add or remove accents.

To easily access these features, click on the left side of the text and select “resize & shift” from there.

Place your cursor where you want to make a change

wordpress how to edit text

Now that you have your new text, it is time to make a change. You can do this either by placing the cursor in the same spot where you had the space or edit button, or both.

Editing Text With A Space Or Edit Button

When making a change to the text inside of your post, the best way to do it is by using a space or edit button. This way, if you have to make another change to the text, you can do so easily and without having to start over again.

You can also place a space between changes if you want! This way, if someone were to go back and forth editing the text, they would not risk changing something slightly in an unknown effect on your product.

Make your desired changes

Now, let’s change some text in your post! First, click the edit link located in the top right of your post, or press Ctrl+E on your keyboard.

A new page will open with more space to add more text. You can also delete existing text if you need to fit into your layout better.

To make changes, click the + sign next to any piece of text to add a new line, or click and press a line to remove it. You can then change the font type, color, and size of each line!

Click somewhere else to close the editor and make your changes take effect.

Repeat steps 4-5 as necessary

wordpress how to edit text

If the repeating text is important, keep doing these steps to get rid of it. In this case, you would do step 5 again and again to remove all the text!

WordPress can have trouble editing some types of text. This includes resistances like addresses or phone numbers, Über and Nominal roots like hotel or car, and some punctuation like periods or commas.

There are several ways to fix this though. The first is to use a blockquotes style of text. This cuts off all the text but the actions such as address or phone number! Then, add your correct content into the rest of the piece!

The second is to use some kind of link-shaped content.

When complete, click on Preview>Apply>Save>Exit Editor

wordpress how to edit text

Now, you can either edit the existing text or create a new text passage.

Luckily, WordPress makes this process easy. You can do it once and have all your updates and edits stored. Or you can do it every time you make an update to make it permanent. Either way, you will be able to Access and Edit Your Texts!

Now that you are pasted what to do in WordPress, let’s get into it!

How to Add a Table of Content in WordPress

Figure 1: Adding a Table of Content in WordPress

Table of content is probably one of the most used elements in websites today. People put lots of information on their sites but lack a way to easily add a table of contents.

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