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The term trending topics was born out of limitations on what types of topics people can post on the internet. The limited number of posts on a category-themed topic limits the amount of content available, leaving only those that are in demand as favorites.

Scheduled regular updates are also limited to specific periods of time, making them scarce commodities for most. This is where trends come into play. By having a community create and maintain this trend, they can gain recognition and access to the large audience that is looking for it.

Using computer software, people can create their own trends and share them with the world! You can even make money off of it if you put your mind to it. It is easy to start today!

This article will talk about some new software platforms that allow you to create your very own trend setter community.

How do you set up wordpress trending posts?

wordpress trending posts

The first step in setting up wordpress trending posts is to decide what content your users should see. This can be separate websites or sites linked into one thread!

The second is to determine what content your users don’t want you to present to them.

Who should use wordpress trending posts?

WordPress trending posts were created for people who want to get the most out of their website. They offer a way to quickly add content to your site that is highly anticipated, interesting, or just worth your time.

Using trending posts can be a way to market your website as well. If you have a major event coming up, update your website to include the latest news and information about the event. By adding content that is popular right now, your website will gain more exposure!

There are several ways to use wordpress trending posts. Some use them simply as an effective way to add some flair to their page. Others create custom themes that are included on both their original site and the wordpress Trends page.

What content works best?

wordpress trending posts

When creating new content for your site, there are a few questions to ask to find the best content for your site. Can it be found by a random person? Does it contribute something to the world?

These questions will help you create content that is valuable to your audience, and they will help you create more!

There are many ways to create content for your website. This includes making videos, writing articles, taking photos, and doing both. Each of these can be done in different ways, so do not rule out any of these.

All of this good old fashioned furniture moving and reorganizing comes in handy when trying to find new and exciting content to share with your visitors.

What is the layout like?

wordpress trending posts

A trend-spotting tool like WordPress Trending Posts can make your website look more professional. By adding more lines to your homepage, providing a more detailed overview of your site, and adding a quick overview of the day, you can give yourself a leg up!

Adding a box or column on your site that details recent news or important announcements is a great way to add some value to your website. By looking at recent news and announcements on other sites, you can gauge what topics are trending right now.

By adding information that is detailed and worth taking note of, you will be providing your audience with a valuable piece of information every time they access your site. You can even create fun filters to display only information that is positive or not so!

Trending Posts is one of the most popular web app trends of 2017, where users will build software apps that track trends and provide valuable information to users.

Can I customize the look of the widget?

wordpress trending posts

Yes! There are many plugins that allow you to customize the look of the widget. You can pick from basic, elegant, retro, or fun. We suggest looking at some of these to see what you would like your trending posts to look like.

This is very important as these looks can be beautiful or fun to use! These looks are all about adding flair or making your trending posts more interesting. Some add font styles or colors, some add shapes or accessories, and some even add text!

Can I use the widget on my mobile device?

The best way to use the widget on your mobile device is by installing it from the Android app and then clicking on the link in your phone app.

How do I get my blog entries to show up in the widget?

wordpress trending posts

If you have a WordPress site, you can add a widget which will display your latest posts. Simply go to your dashboard and click on the Widgets link. Then, select the Post Data API Widget and use this to integrate your new widget into your site!

If you do not have a WordPress site yet, you can still create one by linking your current blog to the Post data API.

What content should I avoid in the widget?

wordpress trending posts

In the previous article, we talked about how to create a useful and Trending Posts widget. Now, let’s look at what content should be in that widget.

The content that goes in the widget must be text-based, must fit within a certain length, and can not include audio or video. It also must be hosted on your server, so do not worry about checking for updates!

The length of the content must be enough to load fast on your device but not too long so it is gone before you get to it. We do not want our app to run out of memory due to too much content!

Lastly, the color of the content must match the background color of your site! This makes it stand out against the white of the phone display.

Should I use it for all of my posts?

wordpress trending posts

While many people are using it for all kinds of posts, there is a reason that only certain types of posts should use wordpress trending posts.

This tool is not designed toIndex and rank your content, it is designed to move your content around in search engines and increase click-through-rate (C-r-t-p-f-r). As such, it uses certain categories as a criteria for what articles it puts up, making it look like more content when in fact, there is not much difference between those articles and yours.

That being said, if you have very unique or specific topics for which you want to get exposure, then yes! WordPress trending posts can be used for that.

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