Muhd Noorhalim

I am Halim, a web developer with over a decade of experience. My expertise is in WordPress development, and website API integration, including chatGPT integration.

  • Prompt Engineering
  • API Integration
  • PHP Developer
  • Wordpress Developer
  • OpenAI App Developer


I’m a Singaporean and my favourite food are pizza and cakes. I like pizza so much that I used to work in a pizza outlet. Despite them being my favourite, I don’t always eat them. In fact, I rarely even do because I am also a nutrition enthusiasts. I believe that having balanced diet is important.

Why ‘Knowhalim’?

My name is Noorhalim, however most people pronounce it without the ‘r’. So it became Noohalim, which can also be pronounced as Knowhalim. Another reason for the name is to connect to others. As such, I decided that ‘Knowhalim’ is a good way to get people to know me better. The lightbulb in the logo symbolise that I have plenty of ideas.

How I started Web Development

I started building a simple blog using blogger. I was fascinated with the layout you can create in blogger. So I picked up HTML. Naturally, the next skillset is CSS and all that other web languages. I started my first official website with a domain when I was 17. I was in Polytechnic and it seems like I have a lot of breaks in between my lessons. I used those time to play around with web programming and start picking up PHP language, server-side scripting. Realising how powerful PHP is, I became glued to it and used it to create my website instead of HTML/CSS.

In the same year, I discovered an easier way to build websites – which is using a content management system such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Among the 3, WordPress is the easiest and since it is built using PHP, I managed to see how all of the website languages complements one another – HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL. They became an important foundation for most web development.

Frontend or Backend?

I consider myself both backend and frontend developer. However, with WordPress there is little room to practice backend programming. If compares to a system manager who manages the server, I am more of frontend developer. So in order to showcase some of my backend skills, I developed WordPress plugins, custom CMS and API.


I am Singaporean who loves pizza and cakes. Used to work in a pizza outlet but rarely eats them due to being a nutrition enthusiast. I started web development at 17, using HTML, CSS, PHP and server-side scripting. Discovered content management systems like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. I considers myself both backend and frontend developer. I developed WordPress plugins, custom CMS and API to showcase backend skills.